Vista Strategies, LLC

Vista Strategies is a leading advocate and trusted advisor to clients in navigating the complex political landscape.  With a commitment to integrity, transparency, and excellence, we build long lasting relationships and deliver unparalleled results.

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Kara van Stralen

Vista Strategies, established in 2024 by Kara van Stralen, is a premier consultancy leveraging Kara’s extensive experience in both state and federal government. With a career steeped in legislative intricacies, Kara specializes in cultivating robust relationships with key policymakers and thought leaders, enabling clients to effectively navigate the complex regulatory landscape and achieve their legislative objectives.

Drawing from a distinguished tenure in the United States Congress and the state of Colorado, Kara’s expertise reflects a profound comprehension of the issues facing clients, coupled with an innovative approach to fulfilling their needs. Prior to founding Vista Strategies, Kara honed her skills in the private sector, addressing state and federal issues for diverse clientele.